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Toledo Storm Damage Roof Repairs

Your roof is a strong and sturdy structure, but it’s not invincible. Therefore, it’s important to regularly screen for Toledo storm damage roof repairs that you may need. We see no shortage of weather here in Ohio, so it’s possible for your roof to suffer damage from high winds, ice and fallen trees. This is why we recommend regular inspections to keep on top of your roof’s condition, especially if it’s older.

Good Guys Roofing provides storm damage roof repairs in Toledo OH. We follow the latest repair techniques and use high quality materials to ensure the repair lasts the roof’s lifespan. To schedule an estimate for roof repairs, contact our team of roofing contractors today!

What to Do After a Storm

When a storm rips through your neighborhood, you’ll want to step out and check on things once it’s over. This is good practice to follow, as severe storms can damage your home in a number of ways. Being aware of the signs of potential damage can alleviate major, expensive repairs down the line.

Here are the steps to follow after a storm.

  • Schedule a roof inspection. Contact a trusted roofing professional to do an inspection and help with a damage assessment. You should also visually inspect your roof by walking around the perimeter of the property and taking note of any visible storm damage.
  • Hire roofing contractors. Be wary of storm chasers, or roofing companies that show up on your doorstep following a storm. Reputable roofing companies are too busy with Toledo storm damage roof repairs to be going door to door for your business.
  • Call your homeowners insurance. It’s possible that the damage on your property will be covered under your homeowners insurance. Contact your insurance company to properly file a claim.

Why Choose Us for Storm Damage Roof Repairs in Toledo OH 

Good Guys Roofing is a locally owned company that provides roof inspections, repairs and replacements. People trust us to inspect their roofs and give them an accurate and complete damage assessment so they can make an informed decision.

By choosing us to complete your repairs, you can expect high quality work, trained technicians, fair prices and flexible scheduling. We also offer a 10-year workmanship warranty on all repairs. To schedule an estimate for Toledo storm damage roof repairs, contact Good Guys Roofing today.