Residential Roof Maintenance and Installation

Experience top-tier roofing expertise with GoodGuys Roofing! Our skilled team, renowned for exceptional workmanship, guarantees one-day roof installations without subcontractors. Licensed and dedicated to delivering durable, high-quality roofing that seamlessly matches your home. Ensure longevity with our efficient roof installation and maintenance services. If you are seeking reliable “residential roofing companies near me” in Toledo, Ohio, contact us at (419)-439-3430.

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Cost of Maintenance of Residential Roofing

At GoodGuys Roofing, we take care of your roof to prevent big issues and save you money. Our regular maintenance involves checking for problems, cleaning up debris, and making sure no unwanted visitors like birds or pests are causing trouble. Fixing leaks and related repairs are all part of the package. Neglecting this maintenance could mean insurance won’t cover damages. We keep our residential roofing maintenance costs in Toledo, Ohio affordable. We recommend at least annual maintenance, in the absence of monthly upkeep, to safeguard your investment. If you’re looking for one of the best residential roofing companies in Toledo, Ohio, we stand out as an excellent option.

Long Lasting Roofing Material and protection of your property

At GoodGuys Roofing, we hold certifications from OwensCorning and CertainTeed, offering both sloped and flat roofing options for residential properties. Our preferred roofing materials come from renowned brands, including:

OwensCorning: A leading U.S. manufacturer, OwensCorning provides a diverse selection of shingle styles and colors. These shingles offer superior protection, as they don’t absorb moisture, boast high wind resistance, and are fire-resistant, backed by long warranties.

CertainTeed: With various styles catering to different budgets, CertainTeed shingles are exceptionally durable and highly resistant to wind, rain, heavy snow, and more. They also come with fire-resistant properties and extended warranties.

Modified Bitumen: For flat roofing, our primary choice is modified bitumen sourced from well-known and reputable brands. Modified Bitumen combines asphalt with polymerized rubber or plastic, reinforced with fiberglass. Available in rolls, these membranes are fixed with adhesives or mechanically attached and provide resilience against extreme weather conditions.

Our commitment to using high-quality roofing materials ensures robust protection for your roof. For residential flat roof contractors or sloped roof contractors, get in touch with us at (419)-439-3430.

Client Review

Their regular maintenance services saved our roof during heavy snow, and they're quick and very reliable!
Jacob Coleman - Good Guys Roofing
Jacob Coleman
They're punctual for maintenance and super professional. I'd recommend them without hesitation.
Daniel Anderson - Good Guys Roofing
Daniel Anderson
For roof installation, they answered all our questions patiently. Great service – highly recommended.
Matthew Russell - Good Guys Roofing
Matthew Russell


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